Written by: Jessie Canon

Inaugural Newsletter

Holding Space | Winter 2024

Reconing and Repair in America’s Cities

US News & World Report | Spring 2022

My Perfect City: Integration in Rotterdam

BBC World Service | January 13, 2021

LISC: A Push for More Radical Conversations

Local Initiatives Support Corporation  | Fall 2021

The Preconditions of Healing

MCAD | Spring 2021

Rediscovering Ground

Anchor Magazine | Spring 2020

Cities for the Future: Where Life Meets Design

Climate One | July 12, 2019

Future of Cities in a Changing Climate

KQED: Forum (NPR) | February 2, 2019

Where Are All the Female Architects?

The New York Times | December 15, 2018

Providing Space for Pain and Healing: A conversation with Liz Ogbu

Reimagining Civic Commons Blog | November 7, 2018

Using Our Words: The Language of Design for Equity

Impact Design Hub | July 6, 2015

When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough: Linking Intent to Impact

Next City (formerly Impact Design Hub) | March 2015

South Africa: From Township to Town

Places Journal | 2011

Lessons from the Marginalized: A Manifesto for Truly Public Architecture

Design for the Other 90%, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum | 2007
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