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Thank you for wanting to connect.

Liz is always open to expanding the network of people that she’s in a relationship with. 

Want to hire or collaborate with Studio O?

Liz is always happy to hear of project and collaboration opportunities.

Please first check out About and Studio O pages for more information about Liz and her creative practice and Working with FAQ for more information about how Liz / Studio O collaborates.

If you’ve already looked through those materials and want to talk more, then share your opportunity with us via the contact form.

Want to work for Studio O/Liz?

At this time, Studio O is not hiring.

Liz has assembled an FAQ with common questions, a Project Library with examples of practices in context, and a collection of Media with her perspectives on justice and healing, and Resources from the Field for more knowledge and inspiration. She hopes that they can help provide some wisdom for your learning journey. And if you still have questions after checking them out, then feel free to reach out.

Want Liz to speak at your event?

Liz is a sought-after keynote speaker who has stood on stages all over the world to talk about how we can create a more just world in which we practice creative approaches to grief and healing and support communities to thrive.

To learn more about Liz’s speaking perspective, check out this Speaking Info Sheet. If you’re ready to get in touch about booking Liz, please contact info@freshspeakers.com

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We’re ready to hear from you.

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