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Through her writing, Liz holds space for the questions essential to this way of practice.

The work ranges from an essay that talks about the need to incorporate space for grief in our design practices to a paper that talks about how space was used as an instrument of both harm and subversive resilience in Apartheid South Africa. All are linked by their explorations of how space is integral to the quality of the lives we lead and the communities we desire. And they engage with the social and emotional impact of the places we call home, including the role of care, grief, and healing.

Below is a selection of her writing.

Reckoning and Repair in America’s Cities

US News & World Report | Spring 2022

The Preconditions of Healing

MCAD | Spring 2021

Rediscovering Ground

Anchor Magazine | Spring 2020

Using Our Words: The Language of Design for Equity

Impact Design Hub | July 6, 2015

When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough: Linking Intent to Impact

Next City (formerly Impact Design Hub) | March 2015

South Africa: From Township to Town

Places Journal | 2011

Lessons from the Marginalized: A Manifesto for Truly Public Architecture

Design for the Other 90%, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum | 2007
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