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Why Studio O Exists

Studio O is the creative practice of Liz Ogbu.

It is a design consultancy created to be a platform to experiment, collaborate, and practice a future in which communities are healed.


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→ PHOTO CREDIT: Woodland Park Communities
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What Studio O Works On

Driven by Liz, Studio O works on a wide variety of projects, ranging from collaborating on the creation of an antiracist housing development to spatial justice advising around an economic corridor action plan in a disinvested African American community.

If you’re interested in working with Studio O, here’s some guidance on the type of activities that would and wouldn’t be a good fit.

What Studio O Does

Studio O works on projects that disrupt the status quo and serve as models for reparative design, center an acknowledgment of past harm and create platforms for healing, and let those most impacted take the lead in determining the terms and conditions of repair.

The scope of work can include a combination of:

  • Conducting human-centered and community-engaged research and design.
  • Developing dynamic forms of inclusive engagement and prototyping.
  • Strategic advising on equitable architecture and reparative community development.
  • Creating diverse practices for grieving, reckoning, and healing.
  • Reimagining systems and places that create opportunities for justice-centered outcomes.

What Studio O Doesn't Do

Because this area of work continues to be emergent and contextual, it’s hard to break down its work into a discrete set of services.

However, there are some specific services that Studio O does not undertake:

  • Developing full service architectural drawings, planning reports, or renderings.
  • Managing of community engagement logistics.
  • Developing or conducting DEI Trainings.

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