Global Lives


An exhibit to celebrate and increase empathy for diverse human experiences through film, graphics, and immersive environments.


LOCATION: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts San Francisco, CA
Client: Global Lives
    Deanna Van Buren (FOURM design+build)
    Matthew Toon
    Adrienne Aquinno

Role: Designer


Global Lives Project is an effort to create a library of human lived experience. The organization identifies a diverse group of individuals from all over the world, capturing a day in their lives through film. This exhibit launched the first 10 films.

The design had to create an environment that allowed people to engage in the life of others. The film participants’ stories, colors, and textures became the focal point of the exhibit. Each participant had a “room” and visitors were encouraged to navigate their own journey of the world by stepping into the life (or “room”) of each participant.

A custom designed scaffold and panel system was used to create rooms. Additional design features included custom landscape furniture, dropped wood ceilings, and participant-inspired textured walls. Working with a graphic designer, large scale graphics, including an engaging map wall, created a dynamic environment.

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